The I Care Board of Directors met at the Annual Meeting on May 7 and again on June 13 for the annual discussion on board nominations and the election of officers. Here are the highlights of changes that were made:

Please welcome three new additions to the I Care Board of Directors:

  • Kelly Davis – Director
  • Linda Marks, O.D. – Director
  • Sean Collins – Director

Please wish the following individuals well as they step down from the Board after many years of service!

  • Stephen Storey, Retired O.D. – President
  • Sue Morse – Director

Thank you, Steve, for your many years of service as President of the Board and for all that you have done for others over the 30+ years you have been involved with I Care. You have done an outstanding job managing the glasses inventory, arranging the sorting dates, deciding what prescriptions go on the trips and record keeping. You always have a positive can-do attitude! We hope you enjoy your free time but we will see you at the next eye glass sorting!

Thank you, Sue, for your many years of service with I Care and for participating on the Board. You have worked tirelessly at clinics and have always gone above and beyond to help others. You have been very thoughtful in bringing small gifts for the women and children and have always been first to volunteer when something needed done. We will miss having you on the Board, Sue!

Tim McNulty has accepted the position of President of I Care International, replacing Dr. Stephen Storey.  Congratulations Tim!

                                 I Care International Board of Directors:

Tim McNulty, President

Jennifer Jacobs, O.D., Vice President

Bill Aplington, Secretary

Charlie Gibbs, Treasurer

Kim Schaefer, Director

Lynn Zwica, Director

Kelly Davis, Director

Mark Bindner, Director

Linda Marks, O.D., Director

Sean Collins, Director

Kay Willis, Director

Dave McClure, Director

Julie Ensinger, Retired O.D., Director

Holly Naylor, Director