Board Of Directors

Steve Storey - President

Tim McNulty




Jen Jacobs - Vice President

Jennifer Jacobs, O.D.

Vice President

Charlie Gibbs - Treasurer

Charlie Gibbs


Bill Aplington - Secretary

Bill Aplington


Board Members

Dave McClure - Director

Dave McClure – Director

Dave McClure is a retired Director of a not for profit who lives and writes in Ottawa.  He has been a member of I Care since 1989.

Julie Ensinger - Director

Julie Ensinger – Director

Mark Binder - Director

Mark Binder – Director  

Holly Naylor - Director

Holly Naylor – Director

Lynn Zwica - Director

Lynn Zwica – Director

Kelly Davis – Director

Sean Collins – Director

Kay Willis - Director

Kay Willis – Director

Kim Schaefer - Director

Kim Schaeffer – Director

Mark Binder - Director

Linda Marks, O.D. – Director