The American Legion in Sheridan, Illinois opened their doors in July for our annual eyeglass sorting. We had 16 people attend and they all came ready to work. They all did a fabulous job! Thank you!

Jesse Gutierrez brought along four or five boxes of glasses that he had personally cleaned and neutralized at his home. They were a great help. The group was able to pack up a full mission’s worth of glasses. The room was setup with 14 bins of single vision glasses sorted by prescription and 16 bins of bifocals sorted by prescription.  All the glasses have been freshly cleaned and neutralized thanks to our Morris High School student volunteers. Each pair of glasses were filed chronologically by power and type in Lion’s Club boxes, and packed away in eight black duffle bags ready for the next mission. In additional to that, Jesse is putting together complete boxes of readers and Kelly Davis will be putting together the extra low minus glasses that we will be taking on the next mission. 

A big thank you to Kelly Davis and Ron and Kathy Petersen for taking great care of the I Care Illinois glasses over the years and a huge thanks to Holly Naylor, Leigh Livick, Mary Jane Adams, Klaus Schumann and Gay Spencer, for all that you do on the California side.

Steve Storey wanted to thank all that participated, we sure got a lot done. 

Front Row: Stephen Storey, Jessie Gutierrez, Patricia Kehoe, Colleen McClure, and Don Anderson

Back Row: Dave McClure, Nancy Storey, Sue Morse, Kelly Davis, Bob Kehoe, Julie Ensinger, Ron Petersen, Cindy Munson, Kathy Petersen, and John Breslin