The I Care fundraiser kickoff was held at the Grundy County Fairgrounds in Morris, Illinois on 9/30. Our volunteer students helped with the early 6:00 a.m. setup. The event started at 8:00 and ended at 4:00. It was a great opportunity to see old friends, meet new people, and spread the word about what we do. We had many pleasant conversations throughout the day and recruited a nurse to join us on future clinics. We had a successful day of ticket sales. The Booze Wagon definitely helped to get people’s attention.

If you didn’t get a chance to stop in, you did miss out on a little fun. I’m pretty sure our neighboring booths knew who we were way before 10 a.m.! Our sales techniques were very amusing to watch, I am sure! The I Care booth contained pictures of past clinics and beautiful colorful linens from clinic locations. We had a poster of maps that Kelly Davis put together with the help of our volunteer students, which really told our story. All past clinic locations were marked which is very impressive to see from such a small organization.

Thank you to Bill and Sue Aplington, Tim McNulty, Dave and Colleen McClure, Steve Storey, Kelly Davis and our students, Haven Perdomo, Maggie Stuebinger, and Angela Georgaklis, for doing such a great job working the I Care booth!